Market Entry

Market EntryMarket Entry

The global division of labour and the economic interconnections are on a rapid increase. Small enterprises have long since started following the early global players.
We accompany our German clients on their way to India and can provide all the necessary services through our own resources or through our extensive Indian network.

This includes market overviews and surveys, preparatory travel, planning the business model, location issues, the establishment of a local company, office solutions, or the search for local partners, especially for tax and legal advice, manufacturing, distribution or merchandise management.

We organise and support individual and group travel to India or support other organisers of such trips – e.g. business organisations, chambers of commerce, – with special local modules, network contacts and B2B meetings.

In all this, we build upon our long-standing personal contacts in both markets, which help so much in either country to make things happen.
We work in other market economies depending on the case and client requirements. For our services in market entry in Germany, please refer to the section Business Development.


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